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Our Check Acceptance Protection Service (CAPS) is a must in today's market.  In its simplest form, CAPS keeps you from taking checks from somebody that already has outstanding checks.  But CAPS goes much further than that.   

Constantly monitoring accounts for potentially fraudulent activity, CAPS will flag suspicious accounts before you accept the check, thus stopping losses before they occur.

CAPS will also let you set parameters for check acceptance by location, keeping tighter limits at stores located in high risk areas and less stringent limits at stores with less liability. 

CAPS can be accessed from most point of sale terminals or cash registers.  Extremely fast transaction times make it usable where other systems have only managed to back the lines up.   

Furthermore, control of CAPS is handled from your office, not ours.   You put the people in that you want, and you set the limits the way that you want them set.    If you decide that you no longer want to accept checks from a particular check writer anymore, just tell CAPS to lock him out, and that's the end of it.

Another feature of CAPS allows you to create Electronic Check Cashing cards, setting check cashing parameters on an account by account basis.  This is ideal for everyone, especially for stores that cash payroll checks.

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