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Welcome to Check Processing

America's Smartest Check Processing Center


CheckProcessing.com helps you pick the Best Check Processing Software and Processor For Your Needs

CheckProcessing.com is an Authorized Agent for...
ACH Direct Check Processing product line
Voice Stamps Third Party Verification product line


Key Benefits for Merchants

More Benefits
  1. Saves Time and Labor - the process takes a fraction of the time and labor associated with re-depositing a paper check
  2. Improves Recovery Rates - businesses average an increase of 50% to 85% in the electronic re-deposit of NSF checks
  3. Quick - provides faster access to funds
  4. Little or No Capital Investment
  5. Reduces Fraud
  6. Provides Less Intrusive Way to Collect NSF Items
  7. Receive 100% on Recovered NSF Checks
  8. Absolutely Free Service
  9. Eliminates Re-deposit Fees and Return Fees on Re-deposited Checks
  10. Relieves the Merchant of the Hassles of Collecting Bad Checks
  11. Higher Recovery Rates than Collection Agencies
  12. No Charge for Service as Compared to High Rates by Guarantee Companies
  13. Dramatically Improved Collection Rates
  14. Reduced Processing and Collection Costs
  15. Reduced Chargebacks and Fraud with Voice Stamps

Phone: (toll free) 877-501-ECOM